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Founded in 1985, LA Engine Computer Svc., Inc. (LAEngine) is a one-stop full service technology integrator and we pride ourselves on attention to details, empathy, and sincerity for our clients pains and solution needs!

LAEngine provides a variety of comprehensive technology solutions to optimize the way its clients do business. From "consulting" and "product procurement" to "systems integration" and "support services", LAEngine has evolved into the role of advisors for other IT providers when jobs gets too large or move into unknown territory.

1) We provide written onsite diagnostic evaluations of your environment and make recommendation based on your needs! STRATEGIC (high level advice) ADVISORY SERVICES: Understand and provide experience with your needs, business, and how "success is defined" for Security Risk Mgmt and Business Continuity with Applications, Systems, Storage, and Network.

2) We provide break fix service on an hourly basis as an office or onsite diagnostic service call. TACTICAL (hands on) OPERATIONAL TRAINING (OPEX): Understand who manages your scope, schedule and cost for projects, time and materials and assisting with those deliverables.

3) We are vendor neutral and provide compute, network and storage solutions; we work with what you need not what we sell even if it means that you have to procure the products. BUSINESS (products and services projects) TECHNOLOGIES ALIGNMENT INTEGRATION SERVICES (CAPX): Plan, organize and manage all phases of the projects life cycle to ensure successful delivery.

4) We provide Service Level Agreements of 99.5% uptime. BUSINESS (steady state contracts) TECHNOLOGIES ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT CONTRACT (CAPX AND OPEX): Team effectively integrate, motivate and build relationships with cross functional members and vendors, stakeholders to improve process efficiencies.

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